Meant To Be

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Often, when we play matchmaker to our poor friends, we say they're meant to be. Meant to be what, I don't know (char!). People say they weren't meant to have a meeting (yes, bitter), or have that tacky bag because it just wasn't meant to be theirs. Even in school, students are just meant to say this phrase to shrug off bad luck in, say, profs or grades. I say this excuse is a lame and lazy one.

It's meant to be only if you make it to be. (I don't know if I heard this from Mr. Joel Pine, one of our profs last year, or if this is the product of alcohol.) We make our own destiny. Leaving things to chance or luck won't get us anywhere. You're meant to succeed only if you exert effort in succeeding; you're doomed to fail if you exert effort in doing nothing.

When we say "It was(n't) meant to be," usually it's not in a serious light. There's nothing wrong with that. However, when one uses it as an alibi, he's backing off from facing the repercussions of what he did not do and avoiding to take responsibility. Coward much?


I apologize for the last couple of months of inactivity. I just couldn't find anything worth writing about or finish some I did start. Maybe it just wasn't meant to be. :p

I would like to ask for your prayers for my dad as he is currently in the hospital. Thank you very much.

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