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"What first comes to mind when you hear the word 'withdrawal'?" This was one of those random questions we sometimes get in our heads. I sent this to everyone on my messenger lists and got answers like bank and sex. The one word I was waiting for and the one I've been thinking of lately is addiction.

Addiction means any habit. According to wikipedia.org, there are negative, positive, and neutral addictions. Generally, an addiction is characterized by continued use of a substance or performance of a task and/or excessive longing or dependence.

One of the most recent and famous use (or abuse) of this term is that Steph Meyer line saying, "You are exactly my brand of heroin." I nearly cried in indignation as I read this line; I used to refer to certain people as my weekly drug high, and this line [or maybe it was some other line in the series] seemed to have been taken out of my lips.

You must be thinking, "ADIK?! Ikaw?" Or not. Wala lang. This is definitely one of the things where you definitely need an outsider's perspective. Sure, you'll probably need to admit to yourself that it's a bit much, but not after someone else points it out to you, or you read something that screams out "HEY."

Actually I have no idea what I'm talking about. Haha. Joke. I wonder, does googling someone everyday and all those creepy things some people categorize as "stalking" (IT'S NOT! I SWEAR!), count as an addiction? :))


PS. This post was one of the dusty old drafts on this blog. :)) Sorry for the abnormally long hiatus.


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