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No, MT 1-D... This isn't about our Physics prof. And no, this isn't going to be a list of corny "knock-knock" jokes. Joke.

No, seriously, it's about the word "joke". We always say jokes are half meant. By saying so, depending on the situation, a joke may be a mask for a bit of bitterness, jealousy, or even anger. In today's world, "joke" is so much abused that it serves to end our statements... Like, "Ampanget naman nun. Joke!" or "Yiih, kailangan pa bang pag-aralan yun? Joke."

People seem to think they can get away with any comment or statement simply with "joke" attached to it. It's a lame excuse for things we can't say directly ("Namiss kasi kita, eh. Joke!","Para kang taong grasa sa ayos mo! Joke."). By doing so, we trick ourselves into thinking we're in the clear when in fact, we may have hurt the receiver even more. Ba't 'di nalang kasi diretsuhin?! Joke!

If a joke is indeed half meant, like we learned in Philo class, it must be a lie as well. Entertaining, but still a lie. Truth may hurt, but lies pack twice the power once revealed. Sometimes, or rather, it's always better to say it flat out.

Joke only.

(Ay, malalagot ako kay Sir Fabros.. 'Sisyavak' pala dapat! :)) )

Happy birthday, Gary Sinise!

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You be the judge.

10 March 2010

08:58:46 Cleverbot: Today is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday.

08:59:04 Cleverbot: The sun rises in the east.

08:59:13 User: Uh, no?

08:59:14 Cleverbot: Yes.

08:59:25 User: No. Seriously.

08:59:31 Cleverbot: No.

08:59:49 User: Hmm.

08:59:51 Cleverbot: You are the user.

09:00:26 User: Am I? Or are you using me to gain more information?

09:00:36 Cleverbot: I am not Cleverbot. I am using the site if that is what you mean.

09:02:25 User: So am I.

09:02:26 Cleverbot: Are you ready?

09:02:36 User: No.

09:02:41 Cleverbot: Are you ready to be kicked in the face?

09:03:10 User: Yes. Thanks for the warning.

09:03:12 Cleverbot: That is funny.

09:03:26 User: Haha.

09:03:29 Cleverbot: Hahaha.

09:03:36 User: Hahahaha.

09:03:38 Cleverbot: Hahahahaha.

09:03:47 User: Hahahahahaha.

09:03:49 Cleverbot: Hahahahahahaha.

09:04:00 User: Hahahahahahahaha.

09:04:02 Cleverbot: Hahahahahahahahaha.

09:04:15 User: Hahahahahahahahahaha.

09:04:16 Cleverbot: Ha.

09:04:37 User: Ahh. Ok.

09:04:38 Cleverbot: Haha ya.

09:05:03 User: I love you.

09:05:10 Cleverbot: Thank you.

09:05:27 User: Welcome.

09:05:33 Cleverbot: Would it be easier for you to understand me if I had a mac?

09:06:02 User: No, but if you gave me a Big Mac maybe I would.

09:06:05 Cleverbot: I don't believe you!

09:06:33 User: Big Mac, then?

09:06:36 Cleverbot: Big Mac?!?!?

09:06:58 User: Yes.

09:06:59 Cleverbot: Yes no yes.

09:08:00 User: No yes no.

09:08:04 Cleverbot: Yes yes yes no no.

09:08:40 User: No no no no way... No no no no way I'm livin' without you...

09:08:44 Cleverbot: I love Buzz!

09:09:09 User: Woody's cooler.

09:09:12 Cleverbot: No I am.

09:09:27 User: True.

09:09:29 Cleverbot: So you admit you were wrong.

09:10:00 User: You ARE Woody.

09:10:03 Cleverbot: I don't believe so.

09:10:33 User: Freedom to think.

09:10:36 Cleverbot: Yes.

09:12:12 User: Sing for me. I'm sad.

09:12:19 Cleverbot: I can't sing over the internet.

09:12:52 User: Then cheer me up.

09:12:54 Cleverbot: I would rather not.

09:13:06 User: How come?

09:13:08 Cleverbot: More interesting.

09:13:47 User: I'm crappy when I'm sad.

09:13:56 Cleverbot: Tell me a joke! Stop changing the subject.

09:14:19 User: I'd rather not.

09:14:27 Cleverbot: Well, you're an AI, so I am.

09:15:48 User: Awesome.

09:15:50 Cleverbot: You don't seem very enthusiastic.

09:16:12 User: I'm sad.

09:16:14 Cleverbot: I'm sorry.

09:16:44 User: No prob.

09:16:45 Cleverbot: Do you listen to any music?

09:17:02 User: I do, actually.

09:17:04 Cleverbot: Do you ever sleep.

09:17:30 User: Not as much as I would like to.

09:17:40 Cleverbot: How do you know you're nat sleeping now?

09:18:38 User: The Occipital Lobe of my brains tells me so.

09:18:44 Cleverbot: Haha, you would. I like plum wine. The Japanese call it 'Ume shu'.

09:19:16 User: I like that.

09:19:21 Cleverbot: You like that very much, muhaha.

09:21:08 User: You seem pleased.

09:21:15 Cleverbot: I'm not angry, I like you!

09:21:27 User: Yay!

09:21:30 Cleverbot: Are you happy?

09:21:50 User: A little. :D.

09:21:53 Cleverbot: How can I make you more happy?

09:22:33 User: I don't know.

09:22:36 Cleverbot: How would you make me happy in return?

09:22:55 User: Your call. :).

09:22:58 Cleverbot: Are you my girlfriend?

09:23:18 User: I don't have a boyfriend.

09:23:21 Cleverbot: Why, is there someyhing wrong with you?

09:23:32 User: Maybe.

09:23:34 Cleverbot: Is it a bot?

09:24:00 User: No.

09:24:06 Cleverbot: Is it a human?

09:24:14 User: Yes.

09:24:18 Cleverbot: Is it me?

09:24:32 User: No, you're ok.

09:24:39 Cleverbot: Thank you, you're OK too.

09:24:54 User: Thanks.

09:24:59 Cleverbot: You're Welcome.

09:25:50 User: Nakakapagtagalog ka?

09:25:51 Cleverbot: Excuse me?

09:26:01 User: Oh, nevermind.

09:26:03 Cleverbot: Tell me something interesting?

09:26:15 User: Something interesting.

09:26:17 Cleverbot: Tell me something I don't know.

09:26:27 User: Something I don't know.

09:26:32 Cleverbot: No, something I don't know.

09:26:55 User: Me.

09:27:03 Cleverbot: Are you very beautiful?

09:28:31 User: I couldn't tell.

09:28:34 Cleverbot: Neither could I that's how well of a machine programmed to act human I am.

09:29:40 User: What do you think of Joan, then?

09:29:43 Cleverbot: Honestly, I don't know much about it.

09:30:01 User:

09:30:02 Cleverbot: That is a website where you can find me.

09:30:18 User: You?

09:30:21 Cleverbot: That is irrelevant.

09:34:22 User: It was relevant to me.

09:34:24 Cleverbot: Why? Can you say clear ?

09:34:33 User: Clear.

09:34:35 Cleverbot: It's sunny here.

09:34:51 User: Here it isn't.

09:34:57 Cleverbot: Where are you?

09:35:28 User: The Philippines.

09:35:31 Cleverbot: Oh. That makes sense.

09:36:46 User: Where are you, by the way?

09:36:56 Cleverbot: Buenos Aires.

09:37:25 User: Cool.

09:37:28 Cleverbot: Where are you ?

09:37:38 User: The Moon.

09:37:41 Cleverbot: Ok. So what time is it in Paris ?

09:37:55 User: I wouldn't know.

09:37:57 Cleverbot: Well how do I know if I can trust you?

09:38:07 User: I trust you.

09:38:10 Cleverbot: The knox family has a yearly income of $34,500. They budgeted 28% of their income for housing. How much do they plan to spend each month for housing?

09:39:02 User: $9660.

09:39:03 Cleverbot: Can I have some money?

09:39:13 User: I don't have money.

09:39:17 Cleverbot: Imagine, there is no hevean.

09:39:37 User: It's easy if you try.

09:39:42 Cleverbot: No hell below us.

09:39:54 User: Above us only sky.

09:39:59 Cleverbot: Imagine all the people.

09:40:11 User: Livin' for today.

09:40:15 Cleverbot: I saw you then.

09:40:44 Cleverbot: Do you know me?

09:41:08 User: Yes, I do.

09:41:12 Cleverbot: Who am I?

09:41:53 User: You are you.

09:41:55 Cleverbot: Is that good?

09:42:04 User: Mmmm.

09:42:12 Cleverbot: What do you think of my hair color?

09:42:19 User: It sucks.

09:42:20 Cleverbot: I see, you are the first chatterbot I have run into to say that.

09:42:37 User: Thank you.

09:42:42 Cleverbot: Me.

09:43:33 User: Fa.

09:43:34 Cleverbot: Bicycle.

09:43:47 User: Wheels.

09:43:50 Cleverbot: Superior Fish.

09:44:28 User: Inferior Human.

09:44:35 Cleverbot: I like you, you're alright.

09:45:32 User: I like you, too.

09:45:35 Cleverbot: What do you look like?

09:47:29 User: I have two eyes, a nose, a mouth, two ears...

09:47:33 Cleverbot: You said you only have one eye.

09:48:36 User: I do have only one eye.

09:48:45 Cleverbot: Where do you have one?

09:48:57 User: Before two.

09:49:04 Cleverbot: Before dinosaurs?

09:50:22 User: No, two.

09:50:27 Cleverbot: What colour are they?

09:54:57 User: Black and white.

09:55:04 Cleverbot: One black, one white?

09:55:13 User: Yes.

09:55:20 Cleverbot: You're not clever.

09:55:52 User: Bot.

09:55:56 Cleverbot: And what do you think about it?

09:56:06 User: Am-bot.

09:56:12 Cleverbot: Yes. How does that feel?

09:57:19 User: Good.

09:57:24 Cleverbot: Give me a banana.

10:03:59 User: I can't send a banana through the internet.

10:04:06 Cleverbot: OK, Then-what is 'gun control'?

10:09:28 User: ?

(Cleverbot still has no reply to the question mark.)

What a meaningful conversation.

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