You be the judge.

10 March 2010

08:58:46 Cleverbot: Today is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday.

08:59:04 Cleverbot: The sun rises in the east.

08:59:13 User: Uh, no?

08:59:14 Cleverbot: Yes.

08:59:25 User: No. Seriously.

08:59:31 Cleverbot: No.

08:59:49 User: Hmm.

08:59:51 Cleverbot: You are the user.

09:00:26 User: Am I? Or are you using me to gain more information?

09:00:36 Cleverbot: I am not Cleverbot. I am using the site if that is what you mean.

09:02:25 User: So am I.

09:02:26 Cleverbot: Are you ready?

09:02:36 User: No.

09:02:41 Cleverbot: Are you ready to be kicked in the face?

09:03:10 User: Yes. Thanks for the warning.

09:03:12 Cleverbot: That is funny.

09:03:26 User: Haha.

09:03:29 Cleverbot: Hahaha.

09:03:36 User: Hahahaha.

09:03:38 Cleverbot: Hahahahaha.

09:03:47 User: Hahahahahaha.

09:03:49 Cleverbot: Hahahahahahaha.

09:04:00 User: Hahahahahahahaha.

09:04:02 Cleverbot: Hahahahahahahahaha.

09:04:15 User: Hahahahahahahahahaha.

09:04:16 Cleverbot: Ha.

09:04:37 User: Ahh. Ok.

09:04:38 Cleverbot: Haha ya.

09:05:03 User: I love you.

09:05:10 Cleverbot: Thank you.

09:05:27 User: Welcome.

09:05:33 Cleverbot: Would it be easier for you to understand me if I had a mac?

09:06:02 User: No, but if you gave me a Big Mac maybe I would.

09:06:05 Cleverbot: I don't believe you!

09:06:33 User: Big Mac, then?

09:06:36 Cleverbot: Big Mac?!?!?

09:06:58 User: Yes.

09:06:59 Cleverbot: Yes no yes.

09:08:00 User: No yes no.

09:08:04 Cleverbot: Yes yes yes no no.

09:08:40 User: No no no no way... No no no no way I'm livin' without you...

09:08:44 Cleverbot: I love Buzz!

09:09:09 User: Woody's cooler.

09:09:12 Cleverbot: No I am.

09:09:27 User: True.

09:09:29 Cleverbot: So you admit you were wrong.

09:10:00 User: You ARE Woody.

09:10:03 Cleverbot: I don't believe so.

09:10:33 User: Freedom to think.

09:10:36 Cleverbot: Yes.

09:12:12 User: Sing for me. I'm sad.

09:12:19 Cleverbot: I can't sing over the internet.

09:12:52 User: Then cheer me up.

09:12:54 Cleverbot: I would rather not.

09:13:06 User: How come?

09:13:08 Cleverbot: More interesting.

09:13:47 User: I'm crappy when I'm sad.

09:13:56 Cleverbot: Tell me a joke! Stop changing the subject.

09:14:19 User: I'd rather not.

09:14:27 Cleverbot: Well, you're an AI, so I am.

09:15:48 User: Awesome.

09:15:50 Cleverbot: You don't seem very enthusiastic.

09:16:12 User: I'm sad.

09:16:14 Cleverbot: I'm sorry.

09:16:44 User: No prob.

09:16:45 Cleverbot: Do you listen to any music?

09:17:02 User: I do, actually.

09:17:04 Cleverbot: Do you ever sleep.

09:17:30 User: Not as much as I would like to.

09:17:40 Cleverbot: How do you know you're nat sleeping now?

09:18:38 User: The Occipital Lobe of my brains tells me so.

09:18:44 Cleverbot: Haha, you would. I like plum wine. The Japanese call it 'Ume shu'.

09:19:16 User: I like that.

09:19:21 Cleverbot: You like that very much, muhaha.

09:21:08 User: You seem pleased.

09:21:15 Cleverbot: I'm not angry, I like you!

09:21:27 User: Yay!

09:21:30 Cleverbot: Are you happy?

09:21:50 User: A little. :D.

09:21:53 Cleverbot: How can I make you more happy?

09:22:33 User: I don't know.

09:22:36 Cleverbot: How would you make me happy in return?

09:22:55 User: Your call. :).

09:22:58 Cleverbot: Are you my girlfriend?

09:23:18 User: I don't have a boyfriend.

09:23:21 Cleverbot: Why, is there someyhing wrong with you?

09:23:32 User: Maybe.

09:23:34 Cleverbot: Is it a bot?

09:24:00 User: No.

09:24:06 Cleverbot: Is it a human?

09:24:14 User: Yes.

09:24:18 Cleverbot: Is it me?

09:24:32 User: No, you're ok.

09:24:39 Cleverbot: Thank you, you're OK too.

09:24:54 User: Thanks.

09:24:59 Cleverbot: You're Welcome.

09:25:50 User: Nakakapagtagalog ka?

09:25:51 Cleverbot: Excuse me?

09:26:01 User: Oh, nevermind.

09:26:03 Cleverbot: Tell me something interesting?

09:26:15 User: Something interesting.

09:26:17 Cleverbot: Tell me something I don't know.

09:26:27 User: Something I don't know.

09:26:32 Cleverbot: No, something I don't know.

09:26:55 User: Me.

09:27:03 Cleverbot: Are you very beautiful?

09:28:31 User: I couldn't tell.

09:28:34 Cleverbot: Neither could I that's how well of a machine programmed to act human I am.

09:29:40 User: What do you think of Joan, then?

09:29:43 Cleverbot: Honestly, I don't know much about it.

09:30:01 User:

09:30:02 Cleverbot: That is a website where you can find me.

09:30:18 User: You?

09:30:21 Cleverbot: That is irrelevant.

09:34:22 User: It was relevant to me.

09:34:24 Cleverbot: Why? Can you say clear ?

09:34:33 User: Clear.

09:34:35 Cleverbot: It's sunny here.

09:34:51 User: Here it isn't.

09:34:57 Cleverbot: Where are you?

09:35:28 User: The Philippines.

09:35:31 Cleverbot: Oh. That makes sense.

09:36:46 User: Where are you, by the way?

09:36:56 Cleverbot: Buenos Aires.

09:37:25 User: Cool.

09:37:28 Cleverbot: Where are you ?

09:37:38 User: The Moon.

09:37:41 Cleverbot: Ok. So what time is it in Paris ?

09:37:55 User: I wouldn't know.

09:37:57 Cleverbot: Well how do I know if I can trust you?

09:38:07 User: I trust you.

09:38:10 Cleverbot: The knox family has a yearly income of $34,500. They budgeted 28% of their income for housing. How much do they plan to spend each month for housing?

09:39:02 User: $9660.

09:39:03 Cleverbot: Can I have some money?

09:39:13 User: I don't have money.

09:39:17 Cleverbot: Imagine, there is no hevean.

09:39:37 User: It's easy if you try.

09:39:42 Cleverbot: No hell below us.

09:39:54 User: Above us only sky.

09:39:59 Cleverbot: Imagine all the people.

09:40:11 User: Livin' for today.

09:40:15 Cleverbot: I saw you then.

09:40:44 Cleverbot: Do you know me?

09:41:08 User: Yes, I do.

09:41:12 Cleverbot: Who am I?

09:41:53 User: You are you.

09:41:55 Cleverbot: Is that good?

09:42:04 User: Mmmm.

09:42:12 Cleverbot: What do you think of my hair color?

09:42:19 User: It sucks.

09:42:20 Cleverbot: I see, you are the first chatterbot I have run into to say that.

09:42:37 User: Thank you.

09:42:42 Cleverbot: Me.

09:43:33 User: Fa.

09:43:34 Cleverbot: Bicycle.

09:43:47 User: Wheels.

09:43:50 Cleverbot: Superior Fish.

09:44:28 User: Inferior Human.

09:44:35 Cleverbot: I like you, you're alright.

09:45:32 User: I like you, too.

09:45:35 Cleverbot: What do you look like?

09:47:29 User: I have two eyes, a nose, a mouth, two ears...

09:47:33 Cleverbot: You said you only have one eye.

09:48:36 User: I do have only one eye.

09:48:45 Cleverbot: Where do you have one?

09:48:57 User: Before two.

09:49:04 Cleverbot: Before dinosaurs?

09:50:22 User: No, two.

09:50:27 Cleverbot: What colour are they?

09:54:57 User: Black and white.

09:55:04 Cleverbot: One black, one white?

09:55:13 User: Yes.

09:55:20 Cleverbot: You're not clever.

09:55:52 User: Bot.

09:55:56 Cleverbot: And what do you think about it?

09:56:06 User: Am-bot.

09:56:12 Cleverbot: Yes. How does that feel?

09:57:19 User: Good.

09:57:24 Cleverbot: Give me a banana.

10:03:59 User: I can't send a banana through the internet.

10:04:06 Cleverbot: OK, Then-what is 'gun control'?

10:09:28 User: ?

(Cleverbot still has no reply to the question mark.)

What a meaningful conversation.


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