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College is about doing what you don't want to do for the sake of achieving it.
-Jose Mari Dychioco

I wasn't always a slacker. 10 years ago, I would have made any grade-conscious dork proud. As changes went, however, I changed for the worse. Where people see stress and pressure, I see another speed bump on the way to Facebook. A year of freedom in Quezon City did nothing to trigger a sense of responsibility in me, something all of us would agree as essential for survival in higher education.

As a consequence (or relief, whichever way you choose), that university chucked me out. Now, I'm taking up Medical Technology back here in Pampanga. I remember saying back in high school that I wouldn't want to be studying near home; fate had other plans. Whether or not I'm stuck here to actually learn to do what I'm supposed to, I have no idea.

People who know when to say when strike me as cool [I really should think of a better word]. That's something I just don't have. To do well and actually achieve grades that look good, one must know when to click 'Logout', especially if he has 15 things to do with five due the next day.

Hypocritical as it may seem, slackers ought to find some meaning in their "cuppy cake" lives. Five semesters of Gen Ed subjects taught me that no minor should be taken for granted lest it turns on you and eats you whole ::cough::. One can not expect to become an Uno-producing mamaw overnight. That's what freshman year is for: collecting tools to cope with all the toxicity in the looming future. It's the year we hone our memory, paraphrasing, and sweet-talking skills. Bleargh.

There are some things we just hate doing. Reflection papers, research, random TWA's... No one can avoid them, though. Don't do them, and it's "see you next sem". Harvesting, straight flushes, tank cleaning, and robbing banks can wait.

For bonking our heads 'til they're as flat as pancakes, I thank the profs I "love" so much. They may give us countless sleepless nights, but it's all for our future [it better be XD]. We may complain now, but when the majors come, oh, how we'll yearn for GE's.

Oh, crap.. I need to do some things. I see light at the end of the tunnel. 85, here I come!

P.S. Accreditation week, wish us luck!


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