Random Post #1

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"You don't notice something unbelievably awesome someone else is doing for you because you're busy doing something equally unbelievably awesome for someone else. Vicious cycle, huh. Only, it's not a cycle. One person will eventually break the chain of misery."

As I was typing those words on Facebook, I said "Hey, new post!" And here it is. Random Post #1.

We learn there's practically a cycle for everything: water, air, poverty, life, etc. A cycle is basically round. Haha.

Okay... To cut all that crap, final words
na agad. Look back. Hindi naman araw-araw may stiff neck tayo. Appreciate what other people do for you and learn not to just focus all your energies on one thing or person. Be the one to break the cycle.


  1. ren =]

    shux.haha. the writing prodigy. :) such great works bui. keep it up! :)

    March 25, 2010 at 8:51 PM

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