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No, MT 1-D... This isn't about our Physics prof. And no, this isn't going to be a list of corny "knock-knock" jokes. Joke.

No, seriously, it's about the word "joke". We always say jokes are half meant. By saying so, depending on the situation, a joke may be a mask for a bit of bitterness, jealousy, or even anger. In today's world, "joke" is so much abused that it serves to end our statements... Like, "Ampanget naman nun. Joke!" or "Yiih, kailangan pa bang pag-aralan yun? Joke."

People seem to think they can get away with any comment or statement simply with "joke" attached to it. It's a lame excuse for things we can't say directly ("Namiss kasi kita, eh. Joke!","Para kang taong grasa sa ayos mo! Joke."). By doing so, we trick ourselves into thinking we're in the clear when in fact, we may have hurt the receiver even more. Ba't 'di nalang kasi diretsuhin?! Joke!

If a joke is indeed half meant, like we learned in Philo class, it must be a lie as well. Entertaining, but still a lie. Truth may hurt, but lies pack twice the power once revealed. Sometimes, or rather, it's always better to say it flat out.

Joke only.

(Ay, malalagot ako kay Sir Fabros.. 'Sisyavak' pala dapat! :)) )

Happy birthday, Gary Sinise!


  1. bluepotter

    John Paul Mercado: I know a lot of people who hide behind the phrase "joke only" just to get their thoughts through in a manner that would seem harmless or neutral, only to find out that they really meant what they are saying but simply don't have the courage to say it in a straightforward manner...

    Diana Angeline: ::wipes nose:: It's what most people do... Hmm.

    John Paul: hehehe. sounded a bit like your blog, eh?

    Diana Angeline: way better. ::wipes nose again::

    John Paul: nah, sasa lang yan...heheh

    {sir jp's take on joke only)

    March 20, 2010 at 5:31 PM
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